Renewable energy – residential wind

Hugh Piggott design wind turbines

Hugh Piggott design wind turbines at the lavoir

We will be describing the manufacture of our third High Piggott 3kW wind turbine on this blog. So far we have made one with cedar blades and one with fibre glass blades, and the third one is also with fibre blades. – It is much easier to carve cedar than it is to make fibre glass blades, but it is very difficult to find cedar of the right quality and thickness in this part of Europe.

Our wind and solar energy are offgrid, with the energy stored in battery banks. We are not self-sufficient in electricity yet but may be in the future, as we renovate and insulate. The lavoir (washpond) building houses the power station with the battery banks and inverter/s.

The wee slate-covered wooden house on stilts next to wind turbine #2 in this pic is a 1000L water store: the solar panels you can just about see on the washpond building roof work a small pump that raises the water up to a head 4m so that we can use gravity to water the garden – which is closer to the house and nearly 4m higher than the pond source!


Wind turbine Feb 2012

You will find quite a lot of information already on our website wind energy page about making wind turbines, including other basic energy advice and some notes about power generation. Making your own wind turbine from raw materials is not a project to be taken lightly since there is a lot of serious engineering involved, but armed with some basic knowledge, you can at least be aware of the pitfalls of any commercial proposals, if you decide to try wind energy for yourself. And we recommend Hugh Piggott’s Wind Turbine Recipe Book!


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